Monday, July 12, 2010

unchained melodies free of judgement, be it self or external, is the purest form of existance - one that frees the mind, allowing it to concentrate on the present without any inhibitions, worries and petty internal discussions. Society has programmed us in a funny way...too much importance is given to what others think of us and a lot of mental energy is consumed in trying to understand the best way to act in a particular situation. We see ourselves as mind readers, capable of determining perceptions formed by the person standing next to us - "am I dancing funny? is that why they were laughing in this direction" ... "what's so special about that guy? why isn't she looking at me"

you know what, just fucking live my friend. Look at a simple cat or dog and learn the biggest lesson the world has on offer. Live in the now, alienate those obsessive thoughts and draining theories that have plagued your head since the day you ceased to be a kid. Children are stripped away of their spontanous interaction with the world by adults who have themselves lost the passion for living. Concentarte on the very thing you're doing right now (reading this post!) and ignore the inner critic, that repetitive voice that brings you down with its comparisons to others, judgements and wasted celebral activity.

Do things you normally wouldn't even consider...act stupid, dance stupid, talk stupid...make mistakes, raise people's eyebrows, break the mould, surprise yourself. Something will always come is an incredible experience, and if there was a mortal sin, wasting it would hit the number one spot. Forget patterns, paths, fixed plans, unwritten rules. Unless you're harming others or yourself, there is nothing to stop you from being an individual - someone who's not afraid to be judged, or wastes time judging others.

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