Monday, June 3, 2013

Clouds and storms

I'll start this post by throwing out a straight question. Would you rely (entirely) on someone who isn't capable of distinguishing between fantasy and reality? Someone who's fooled by any sort of input, being visual, tactile, auditory? Someone who is driven solely by associations and false assumptions? I hear you say no, but you're probably wrong...and it's not omniscience talking...quite the contrary.

Our mind, that incessant chatter-box, designed to aid us in comprehension, our most-refined tool and companion throughout our earthly existence, doesn't know what's real. Yes, I mean it. Let me prove it this very minute...what's your greatest fear? Heights? Cockroaches? Tall women? Whatever it is, close your eyes and think of an extreme situation which brings you in direct and intense contact with that fear. Can you feel the emotions rising? Can you feel those chemical reactions the body releases in times of panic, as a form of protection? What's instructing the brain (the physical counterpart) to press the SOS button and send those signals to the body?  It's your mind, which has been tricked into believing the imagination was real.

With no respite, the mind works in that mode, as its primary purpose isn't that to guide and instruct, but to allow us to navigate the physical dimension. Once it is given an entrusting role, we fall into a circle of false perceptions, judgements and fixations on arguments or ideas that don't exist. Stimuli to the mind from the eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, trigger a thought which in turn induces an emotion which might change the course of the day for no valid reason. It's a domino effect...indulge in it and be fooled.

If I'm sounding like someone who's figured it out and mastered the art of viewing the mind as simply a tool, well that's another false perception...right there. I am writing this post as I need to remind myself that over analysing, attempts at understanding people's reactions or thoughts, anxiety, fear are all illusions created inside and by the mind. Why should I feel bad if I'm healthy? Why should I feel bad if there is no imminent danger and all is well in this present moment? The answer is that I shouldn't. We all shouldn't.

Face the storm when it's there, but don't be taken to a storm by a cloud.